Keiko Fuji

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Junko Abe (阿部 純子, Abe Junko) (5 July 1951 – 22 August 2013), known primarily by the stage name Keiko Fuji (藤 圭子, Fuji Keiko) was a Japanese enka singer and actress. She had success in Japan in the 1960s and 1970s with her ballad-type songs. She was married on-and-off with Utada Teruzane, and was the mother of Japanese pop singer Utada Hikaru.


Keiko Fuji เพลง

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Keiko Fuji เพลง

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Fuji Keiko - Shinjuku no Onna

obscure vinyl sample. i do not own this song just sharing DOPENESS.

お座敷小唄★藤 圭子 Japanese diva Fuji Keiko

The Death of Fuji Keiko and Mental Illness in Japan

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