Los Beatniks

Los Beatniks were an early Argentine rock garage group. Active in the middle years of the 1960s, they went down in trivia history as recording the first original rock single in Argentina titled "Rebelde". Despite to their short career, the band are considered one of the pioneers of Argentine rock. 

Los Beatniks เพลง

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Los Beatniks เพลง

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Mucho amor - Los Beatniks.wmv

Mucho amor - Los Beatniks.

LOS BEATNIKS "No finjas mas" ultra rare clip 1966

Aprovechando la única filmación conocida hasta ahora de Los Beatniks, armé otro clip con la "side B" del single: "No finjas más". El tema es de Moris y Pajarito.

Los Beatniks- Tampico Twist 1962

These are Los Beatniks from Mexico, not the Argentine group of the same name. For those who don't know the geography of Mexico, Tampico is a city in the ...